Paragon HealthCare Services (U.K) Ltd
Our Services
Medico-legal Services
Working through Fairfields Medico-legal Services (www.fairfieldsmedicolegal.com) and in collaboration with Psychological Healthcare Ltd (www.psycholhealth.co.uk), and, Psychology Services UK Ltd, we are providers of independent and reliable medical, psychiatric and psychology reports to law firms, courts, and tribunals. Our expertise in this area of service need is now increasingly recognized by discerning law firms and solicitors. If you require this service, you may e-mail us on: fairfiledsmedicolegalservices@paragonhealthcare.co.uk. One of our medico-legal administrators will contact you within 24 hours.
Ambulance Services
Working in collaboration with London Express Ambulance, we are providers of ambulance services for members of the public in the London locality. We arrange prompt ambulance services to convey you from hospital to your home, or from your home to hospital. We can also arrange pick-ups from airports, across the UK. If you require our ambulance services, call us on 44(0) 208-963-99-89, we will be happy to respond promptly to your call and service need.
Cleaning and Hygiene Services
We have through our service outlet, Express Hygiene and cleaning Services, a reliable workforce that will attend to your domestic cleaning and hygiene needs. We are also able to provide cleaning services to corporate organisations and factories.
Continuing Medical Education
In collaboration with Psychological Healthcare Ltd, we have been involved in the promotion of continuing medical education, by way of conference and seminars. We also facilitate the administration and marketing of the Quarterly Journal of Mental Health (QJMH), a scientific publication of our sister organisation, Psychological Healthcare Ltd. We welcome academics, and mental health professionals, who wish to be involved with this aspect of our to work. Visit the QJMH website www.qjmh.org.uk for more information.
Health and Social Care Services
Through our service outlet, CSTC, based in London, we are able to provide health and social care education. The CSTC, is accredited by the City and Guilds of London. If you wish to benefit from this aspect of our service, or for more information on this aspect of our service, you may contact us via e-mail us on CSTC@paragonhealthcare.co.uk.
General Medical Supplies
We are able to provide at short notice, medical consumables to nursing homes, and hospitals, both within and outside the U.K. We are able to provide medical hardware and diagnostic/monitoring equipments to hospitals. The equipments we supply, are sourced directly from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that you have quality products delivered to you, at affordable/reasonable costs.
General Medical/Occupational Health Consultancy
Through our nationwide list of service providers, we are able to provide general medical and occupational consultancy to individual and corporate organisations. Our service providers are experts in various fields of medicine, and, clinical psychology, and are able to visit you at home or in your office or other designated location, with a view to assessing your healthcare needs, and planning appropriate support/therapeutic interventions.
Private Medical Insurance/Health Professionals Insurance
Working with PIS Ltd, to which we are introducers, we can assist you with securing your Private Medical Insurance (PMI) needs. We also assist healthcare professionals secure professional indemnity insurance, to cover liabilities that may arise in the course of their work. For your healthcare related and general insurance needs, visit us on www.paragoninsuranceservices.com , or call us on 44 (0208)- 963-9996.