Paragon HealthCare Services (U.K) Ltd
About Us
Paragon Healthcare Services (U.K) Ltd is a small family owned business established in 2001. Although we are a London-based company, our services cut across the United Kingdom, and, internationally. Founded by the psychiatrist, Dr Y M Mafullul, the company has in its service, experienced experts and professionals, whose objectives include the provision of dependable and reliable services, which include the following:
Medico-legal Services   Ambulance Services   Cleaning and Hygiene Services   Continuing Medical Education
medico-legal-services   ambulance_services   cleaning_hygiene_services   medical_education
Health and Social Care Services   General Medical Supplies   General Medical Consultancy   Private Medical Insurance
health_social_care   general_medical_supplies   general_medical_consultancy   private_medical_insurance